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A full running and moveable engine test rig that can be used as a practical classroom teaching aid.

Based on a Vauxhall Astra diesel engine Euro 51.3 with CAN

Fitted with adaptor run box, clocks and gauges, wiring harness, ECU, ABS, fuel tank, break out boxes with heavy duty snap on connectors for intensive use, battery, cooling and exhaust system, turbo, fault finding facility emphasis on new technology, safety, the curriculum, the environment and value for money. Where possible we have introduced faults for a variety of conditions.

1.Open circuit  2.Short to voltage  3.Short to ground  4.High resistance

There may be some circuits where a short to battery will not be possible due to the risk of damaging components. Another design feature is a central point for taking voltage readings and scope measurements without having to remove connectors. The reason for this is that constant removal of connectors does damage them and makes them unreliable.

On top of this we will integrate sub system like the electrical functionality of the ABS controller. This will include the wheel speed sensors.

This unique product will allow trainers to set faults within the electronic management system. Allowing students to fault find using diagnostic equipment with live scenarios.